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245333 BURKERT 245333, TYPE 8750 FLOW CONTROLLER Burkert Burkert Type 8750 Flow Controller serves to measure and control volumetric flow rate on the differential pressure principle. It consists of a 2712 control valve with an 8630 TopControl, two 8323 pressure transmitters and an optional 8400 temperature transmitter. These components together form a module. The valve trims may be exchanged as required. Burkert reference 245333


Mã: 245333
Nhà cung cấp: Burkert Giá: Liên hệ

Type: 8750 Product Type: Globe Valve Part Number: 245333 Manufacturer: Burkert Medium: Neutral Gases, Air

00002301 3/2-way-piston-operated seat valve Burkert 3/2-way-piston-operated seat valve 00002301 Type 2002 2002 Control function A closed by spring force Paths/positions 3 3 ways / 2 position Orifice size 20,0 20mm (3/4") Seal material EE PTFE Body material RG gunmetal Port connection GM85 G3/4 threaded port Actuator version B PA-actuator, MS-threaded bushing at connection of pilot air Actuator size E Dm 63mm pressure range 0 - 16 bar Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
00227324 Positioner Burkert Positioner top 70 mm for actuator 27XX Type 8692 8692 Pneumatic function E2 single acting DN 2,5 Proximity switch 00 without Flange pattern FA05 interface element-Top control and remote sensor to Classic- or 3rd party actuator Supply voltage E 24V DC batterie voltage Control F 0-10V, 0-5V, 4-20mA, 0-20mA adjustable Electrical connection KD cable bushing Fluid connection GW G 1/8 / SS Operating/configuration T keyboard and display internal Input / Outputs D 1 binary input Additional function 0 without Communication 0 without Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
178608 BURKERT 178608 - G1/2, GUNMETAL, PA ACTUATOR 40MM, 0-15 BAR, NC Burkert Burkert Type 2000 externally piloted angle-seat valve is operated with a single or double acting piston actuator. The actuator is available in two different materials, PA and PPS depending on the ambient temperature. The reliable self adjusting packing gland provides high sealing integrity. High flow rates are attained with the gunmetal or cast stainless steel 2-way body. Burkert reference 178608 Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
158324 BURKERT 158324 - 2/2 NO, TYPE 2730 DIAPHRAGM CONTROL VALVE, PLASTIC BODY Burkert Burkert Type diaphragm control valve consists of a pneumatically operated piston actuator, a diaphragm and a 2-way valve housing made of plastic. The actuator has been designed so that the stroke can be continuously changed. This makes a favourable characteristic possible for the continuous change of the flow. Burkert reference 158324 Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
178280 BURKERT 178280 - G1/2 STAINLESS STEEL 24V AC 0-3 BAR Burkert Burkert type 6027 is a direct-acting solenoid valve use for shut-off, dosing, filling, and ventilation. The push-over solenoid system is of modular design and the coil can be rotated 360 degrees. Burkert reference 178280 Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
144814 BURKERT 144814 - 2/2 DIAPHRAGM VALVE, EPDM / PTFE, 25MM ORIFICE, TRUE UNION CONNECTION, 0-10 BAR Burkert Burkert type 3232 hand operated diaphragm valve for aggressive chemicals. Provides long service life even with polluted, dirty or high viscosity fluids. The diaphragm between the actuator and body hermetically isolates the fluid from the actuator and provides a strong seal over the valve seat. The manual nature of the operator means that the valve can be used for shut-off and for flow control. Burkert reference 144814 Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
165574 BURKERT 165574 - 2/2 NO, DN40, TYPE 2702 ANGLE SEAT CONTROL VALVE THREADED PORT AND WELD END ACC. TO DIN 11850 SERIES 2 Burkert The 2702 Control Valve consists of an 316L angle seat body with a rugged pneumatic piston actuator. The parabolic trim results in a flow characteristic approximately 35% larger than conventional control valves. It is available in either stainless steel on stainless steel or with a durable PTFE seal for tight shut-off. This system has been engineered for reliable accurate control in applications where high flow rate is an advantage. Burkert reference 165574 Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
732763 BURKERT 732763 - TYPE BBS-03 STERILE FEMALE FERRULE THREADED Burkert Burkert Type BBS-03 sterile orbital threaded connection is designed to give a controlled compression of the O-ring thus guaranteeing a safe, secure and crevice free connection. This means optimum cleaning performance with faster cleaning times, reduced consumption of cleaning media, and significantly less waste because residues are simply not possible with this solution. Burkert reference 732763 Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
238615 BURKERT 238615 - 2/2 NC, TYPE 6626 ROCKER SOLENOID VALVE FOR ANALYTICAL APPLICATION Burkert Burkert Type 6626 combines the reliable and success- ful Rocker principle with a highly innovative new actuator. The TwinPower concept of this actuator reduces the size greatly without loss in performance. Hence the 16 mm wide medium isolated rocker valve, 6626, with a 3.0 mm ori ce and a pressure resistance of 2 bar, provides the same performance as a traditional 22 mm valve. In addition, the inte- grated power reduction decreases the energy consumption by 75%. In combination with other design features the heat transfer into the medium can be reduced to a minimum. Burkert reference 238615 Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
168584 BURKERT 168584, TYPE 8802GB CONTINUOUS SYSTEM GLOBE CONTROL VALVE Burkert Burkert Type 8802GB design of the Continuous System enables the easy integration of digital automation modules whether they are simply a Basic Positioner or high-capacity Positioner with optional integrated fieldbus interface. The fully integrated system with control valve and automation system has a compact and smooth design, integrated pneumatic lines, IP65/67/NEMA4X protection class and superior chemical resistance. Burkert reference 168584 Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
403 PI controller head Samson PI controller head for Type 403 3403-0052 Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
3241 Globe Control Valve Samson Globe Control Valve Complete set Customer Specify size Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
3241-7 Globe Control Valve Samson Globe Control Valve Complete set Customer Specify size Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
3260 Van 3 ngã Samson Three-way Valve Mixing valve; Flanges acc. to EN 1092-2 Type 21; DN 40; PN 16; Kvs 25/Cv 29; Force-locking, M 32 x 1.5 for Types 5824/25, 2780 Electric/Pneumatic Actuators; Body cast iron EN-JL 1040/A 126 B; Plug and plug stem seal made of EPDM; Perm. temperature 150 °C/300 °F; 12 mm travel; Var-ID: 1005031 Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
3271 Pneumatic Actuators Samson Pneumatic Actuators Var-ID: 1005065 Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
3277 Pneumatic Actuators Samson Pneumatic Actuators contain a rolling diaphragm and internal springs Var-ID: 1010624 stroke 15 mm diaphragm area 350 cm² diaphragm material NBR; pressure connection ISO 228-1 G-thread; nominal Signal-range 1,4...2,3 bar; Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
3430 Pneumatic Indicating Controller Samson Pneumatic Indicating Controller For pressure; Type 3432 Controller Station; -02 Fixed Set Point Controller: adjuster for W, display for X, manual/auto transfer switch; Unit of pressure bar; Input X 0.2-1 bar, output 0.2-1 bar; Scale linear same as measuring range; Type 3433-2 PI Controller Module; Proportional-action coefficient KP = 0.2...20; Reset time, TN = 0.03...50 min; Type 3435 Transmitter Module for pressure, Bourdon tube measuring element CrNiMo steel 1.4571; Measuring range 0...1.6 bar; Permissible ambient temperature -20 °C to +60 °C; Process fluid connection G ½ male thread; Var-ID: 4046495 Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
3730 Electropneumatic Positioner Samson Electropneumatic Positioner Type 3730-2 with LCD and AUTOTUNE, 4 to 20 mA reference variable, 2 software limit switches/1 fault alarm contact; EXPERTplus diagnostics; Hardware version device index 01; Software version 1.54; Var-ID: 2885137 Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
3760 Electropneumatic Positioner and Pneumatic Positioner Samson Electropneumatic Positioner and Pneumatic Positioner Pneumatic connections ISO 228/1 - G 1/8; Electrical connection: Cable gland M20x1.5 black (plastic); Type 6109 i/p Module; Reference variable 4 to 20 mA; Packed; Var-ID: 1626739 (1008177) Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
3767 Electropneumatic Positioner Samson Electropneumatic Positioner air circuit point ISO 228/1 - G1/4; elektrischer Anschluss cable connection M 20 x 1,5 schwarz (plastic); command signal 4...20 mA; Var-ID: 1591059 (1046105) to Articlecode: 3767-0000122001.03 Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
4708 Supply Pressure Regulator Samson Supply Pressure Regulator Type 4708-53 Supply Pressure Regulator, for mounting to Types 373x/376x/378x Positioners (linear actuators); Connection thread ISO 228/1, G ¼; Set point range 0.5...6.0 bar, with pressure gauge (connection nickel-plated brass); With 2 pressure gauges; Aluminum connecting part; Filter in black plastic regulator body; Packed; Var-ID: 1607579 note: 4708-63 is no more available, Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
4746 Limit Switch Samson Limit Switch CSA/FM intrinsically safe/non incendive; inductive; With proximity switch SC 3,5-NO; with 1 switching element; Electrical connection: Cable gland M20 x 1.5 black (plastic); Var-ID: 1008558 Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
4763 Electropneumatic Positioner Samson Electropneumatic Positioner Intrinsically safe EX II 2 G EEx ia IIC T6 acc. to ATEX Lever I (length 40-127 mm) Spring 1 (15 mm travel) Pneumatic connections 1/4 - 18 NPT Electrical connection: Cable gland M 20 x 1.5 blue (plastic) Type 6109 i/p Module Reference variable 4-20 mA Var-ID: 1008622 Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
6109 i/p-module conversion Samson i/p-module conversion preadjusted for Type 6116 (with electronic); for i/p-transformer; input 2,7...17 mA; output 0,15...0,95 bar; Var-ID: 1008920 Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
6111 i/p Converter Samson i/p Converter Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
6116 Electropneumatic Converter for Direct Current Signals i/p Converter Samson Electropneumatic Converter for Direct Current Signals i/p Converter module type 6109 input: 4...20 mA output: 0,2...1,0 bar Var-ID: 1008969 Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
9611920414 Serive kit EPDM SPC-2 Samson Serive kit EPDM SPC-2 Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
0520-0498 Diaphragm Samson Diaphragm 240 cm² Chi tiết Giỏ hàng
0520-0499 Diaphragm Samson Diaphragm 700 cm² NBR 50 Shore A Chi tiết Giỏ hàng

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